Visit at the Museum of Fine Arts!

Come see the exhibition « Once upon a time ... the western » at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

ONCE UPON A TIME … THE WESTERN celebrates the beauty of the Western while revealing some of its more sombre aspects. It deals with certain prejudices against the peoples of the First Nations that it helped to perpetuate, and explores themes related to questions that are still current today, such as violence, the stereotypical representation of the sexes, interracial relationships, and the acceptance of difference. It shows the extent to which art has the power to both maintain and challenge the most widespread beliefs.

This major multidisciplinary exhibition offers a new interpretation of the Western film genre by examining its links to the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography) from the middle of the nineteenth century to today. This exhibition studies the creation, transmission and transformation of the Western myth in North America, in both the United States and Canada. Over 400 paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, artefacts, film stills and excerpts show how the genre has evolved through ongoing dialogue between the fine arts and cinema.


Stay two nights with us and we will offer you a complimentary pass for two people to see the exhibition a value of 46$.

Exhibition opening time until February 4, 2018

  • Tuesday; 10h00am until 5h00pm       
  • Wednesday; 10h00am until 9h00pm
  • Thursday until Sunday; 10h00 am until 5h00pm
  • Summer schedule: The Museum will be open on Mondays until September 4 (inclusive): 10h00 am until 5h00pm

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  • One pass for 2 people for the Museum of Fine Arts
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